The Fine Art of Balance…and of Losing Weight the Smart Way. Find Out How She Dropped 21 Kgs in 11 months And Maintained It Too!

Every transformation story is the same.

Every transformation story is about the victory of determination against odds. Every transformation speaks volumes about what went behind it – the struggle, the setbacks, the slow rise from depression, the search for answers, the broadening of the mind, the application of discipline, and finally the crowning success.

Because every transformation is essentially a mirror image of every other transformation – only a different name, a different city, a different time.

But look at it again, and you’ll see that every transformation story is different.

Each one bears a unique signature of the person who has undertaken that journey. It belongs to that one person alone – his or her failures and lows, and then their climb to success and the rediscovery of their best selves.

Such is the story of Divya Bhatt.


A mother who tried and tried and kept trying to fight the negativity and the frustration that accompanies most travelers on this road to self-betterment. Like many others, she too tried this and that, and most of those unguided efforts failed to produce lasting results. And like many others, she found that knowledge is the best weapon to battle your demons. Understand your weaknesses to vanquish them for good.

In her fight, she had help from SQUATS mentors Rohit Chattopadhyay and Vinodh Vaidheeswaran. Today she attributes her success and her enlightenment to these two people whose enduring guidance has transformed her not just without but also within. And what a transformation! Check out her pics to see how far she came in her 11 months, losing over 21 kgs and making her mark by being one of the top 100 in T.C. 4.0!


But all that isn’t the good stuff. The real deal is in sustaining what she’s managed to win. And today, after all her ups and downs, she has learned the fine art of balance. It has been more than 3 months that her formal period of transformation under her mentors has ended, but today, she is confident of undertaking the rest of the journey on her own. Her confidence stems from an understanding of what her body needs.

The Balanced Diet, Balanced Workout, and Balanced Mindset!

Today she follows a sustainable LCD diet with macros around her TDEE, and trains each muscle group twice a week. That helps her maintain her transformation easily. But Divya is aware of certain ground realities:

She doesn’t ‘deprive’ her body of food, because she has now trained her mind and learned to make smart choices. Also, she is aware that life will throw a variety of unexpected situations in the way, situations that will drive us off course for a while. During her 11 months of transformation, she went on 3 holidays which involved eyeballing her intake and not keeping a tab on her macros! But once the mind is trained, it cannot be deterred, and small obstacles will never derail its focus. Divya proved that this true. She enjoyed her 3 vacations to the fullest, eating what she wanted to, but eating smartly, and keeping herself active throughout.

And that whole deal about motherhood being too tough and too inflexible a routine to accommodate fitness – Divya quashed it for herself and for the world to see. Motherhood is a demanding journey, no doubt, but where there is a will to change, there will be a way to do it too! Simply put, she accommodated her workouts by tweaking her sleep schedules. And today she states without a moment’s hesitation –

“Irrespective of our busy schedules, it’s really not difficult to take out few hours for ourselves; it just requires simple time management. We should not wait for things to fall into place automatically; we have to make an extra effort to make them work in our favour.”

That’s the best learning and the only learning in life.

Fitmag congratulates Divya on her amazing transformation, and hopes that she will continue this journey and move from strength to strength in the months to come. Hats off, Divya! We are proud of you 😊


– The Fitmag Team