The Magic of Lifting – She lost 24 kgs by developing a taste for iron. And no, not ONE WHIT ‘masculinity’ gained. See her transformation for yourself!

Well, here’s a story that comes with that one moral we always hear about, but are scared to believe in:

Lifting Weights [for women] Will Not Make You “Manly/Masculine”!!!


In November 2016, Ritika Trivedi knew that she was overweight at 73.5 kgs. She knew that she had to give up her sweet indulgences, and her daily sugar overload (she drank 7-8 cups of sweet tea EVERY DAY). She knew that she would have to put in some physical activity to whittle down all the fat she had gained over years of eating junk and sweets. She knew what was wrong and how to correct it.

Well, almost.

What she didn’t know was that just a taste for the treadmill rubber won’t cut it. She needed to develop the taste for IRON. Like thousands of women (and men) out there, she believed that if she lifted heavy weights, she would start looking like a man – bulky, muscular, sans curves…

But today she knows the truth! With sheer determination and will power, she overcame her hesitation and started lifting. Just training for 4 months regularly with 2 kg dumbbells brought her weight down by 5 kgs! It was a brilliant, eye-opening start for Ritika. Iron had worked its magic, and now, she craved more.

With a little more research on proper technique, training volumes, and quantified nutrition, Ritika further improved her gains and brought down her weight to 61 kgs by June 2017 – over 12 kgs lost in 7 months with her own insights and experiments with training and nutrition!

Her next step was to enroll with S.Q.U.A.T.S. mentor Rishi Manuja. Under Rishi’s guidance, she vastly improved her knowledge about nutrition and how the body reacts to stimuli. She learned the advanced aspects of weight training, and sure enough, she improved her stamina and health, showed migraine the door, and replaced her sugar addiction completely with the addiction to Iron.

I thank S.Q.U.A.T.S. and Rishi for being there for me whenever I needed him. He always kept pushing me to the best of my capabilities and brought out the best in me!”


Today, with a body weight of 49.5 kgs, Ritika Trivedi is a mean deadlifter, who’s discovering new strengths in herself week on week! Her transformation pics speak volumes about her determination, and about the power of knowledge.


To all you women out there, Ritika’s story is especially for you! Open your eyes to the world of weights. Get over your fears and rediscover your best version. Fitmag congratulates Ritika Trivedi on her superb transformation, and we know that your story will inspire hundreds of others to shed their reluctance and fall in love with weights. Keep grinding and showing us how!


– The Fitmag Team