The Secret of Success

I have a question for you.

What is your definition of ‘achieving a goal’? Succeeding at getting fit, succeeding in love, getting a job, getting through an exam, or succeeding at anything in life no matter what it throws at you?

Most of you probably hate the gym and your green vegetables, but I’ll take the example of fitness to show you what I mean. You can extrapolate it to your own life goal.

Alright, so in fitness, what would be your goal?

Losing those extra pounds? Losing 4 inches off your waist? Fitting in those old clothes?

Let’s say you achieve your goals. What after that?

Well, a smart person will make this new achieved state a part of his/her life and not get back to “normal” life after achieving his goals. Quite frankly, that would be stupidity. But the stupid humans we are, we often do this one big mistake that we shouldn’t be doing. This one mistake in life, of not staying committed to the goal that you fixed in your mind once. After we achieve it, that’s the end of it, a sad demise.

It can either be getting off your efforts in fitness or be taking your studies, job, love, life, or family for granted after you have achieved your goal, depending on the goal you’ve achieved. The efforts fade out, and things start going back to the pavilion, only to repeat the cycle yet again.

It’s a vicious cycle if you can see it.

Get Stable. Take it for granted. Let things crumble.
Get frustrated. Set goals to win back stability. Work Hard.
Fail. Work Harder. Succeed. Feel a sense of achievement and pride. Get Stable. Take it for granted.
Repeat it all over again.

The last one there, taking it for granted again. That’s the culprit of all our problems. Only if we learn to realize that the stability is precious and that we should make conscious efforts to hold it close to our heart, the cycle won’t repeat itself again.

What does it take to maintain stability?

Regular effort, that’s all it takes. If you consciously make efforts to water the tree of success and stability that is home to you, it will give you fruits of peace and bliss. If you take it for granted then it will die out soon. Now that’s one thing you should take away from this article today.

Think of it as flying. You make great efforts to take off, but after that it’s just a matter of flapping your wings once every few minutes (I’m assuming you’re an eagle here), it doesn’t take much effort. However, what it does take is that action to be done regularly. If you forget to flap your wings for a long period of time, you’ll fall on the ground and it will be difficult to take off again!

How to keep your success for life?

Let’s talk about real life. Got the girl/guy of your dreams? Well, learn to express your love and care. Pamper each other, do not expect the other person to do that. Do it before they do. Go that extra mile to make that effort. Else things will get cold. Keep it raging hot with some effort from your end!

Got that dream job? Well, perform! Get better than the job you do. Unless you do not learn and get better than you are today, a bigger, better tomorrow may just be very far away.

In fitness, make efforts to eat healthy and workout regularly even after you have achieved your goal. That’s how it works. In the absence of effort, you’ll fall back to the same place where you started from.

You don’t have to restrict your intake severely or workout like crazy everyday. It’s just a matter of making conscious decisions of what goes inside your body, getting active and giving your body a reason to stay fit!

Who says you can’t eat your pizza and ice cream after you achieve your goal? Of course you can. But be wise to fit it in your day based on how the rest of your intake and activity levels are, apart from this one meal. There should be a balance between all elements of your day, in terms of intake, expenditure, and activity.

And workout? Well, that’s a blessing you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Don’t hate it. If you accept it as a part of your life and not as an extra chore, you’ll start loving it.

Prioritize your goals. In this case, your goal would be to achieve further, but without compromising your current stable ground. That’s your base. Work towards maintaining that and working from it. If you lose this ground, you’ll have nothing to stand on to work on further.

Desire of a normal life after achieving your goals

For this, let me come back to fitness again as an example.

What’s “normal” anyway?
Eating with no accountability? Not working out? Getting lazy? Bingeing on random food? Late night snacking and overeating? Stressing out and not sleeping well?

I say, make a “fit life” normal instead!

Why can’t that be your new stable ground? After all you have worked for it. We don’t throw away our children after they are born, searching for a “normal” life, do we? That brings a change in our life, a good change, and we embrace it happily. So why can’t we embrace any other change in a similar way?

Achieving your goals is easy. Takes few months/years and some dedication.
Keeping your achievement is the real deal.
That takes wisdom, smartness, dedication, discipline, and a desire to embrace the change.

Life, in its entirety, is very similar to a fitness journey. You work for it, you get it, and you keep working consistently to maintain it. You take it for granted, you get thrown down on the ground.

Consistency is what matters.
Remember the word – CONSISTENCY.


Article Credits – Dev Biswas (Editor-in-Chief, Fitmag)

Dev Biswas

Dev Biswas

Editor-in-Chief - FITMAG and Senior Nutrition Consultant at SQUATS. Engineer, Writer, Musician, Singer - overall a connoisseur of creativity. Engages in philosophical rants about the world and existence when he's not writing, planning diets and workouts for clients or singing. Get in touch with him at