The Smart Way to Lose Weight by Tweaking your Lifestyle!

The Mom Who Lifts – Sneha Dhamale

A lot of times people enter a weight loss program with a short term goal of losing ‘x ’ kgs and go back to their usual life, regaining all those lost kilos as years pass by. But, not Sneha. She did not pursue this weight loss journey as a short term goal or one of the fad diets to be done and forgotten. This was #lifestyletransformation. And that is what made all the difference.

The journey to a healthier me is not rocket science. In fact, it is based on the basic tenets of calorie deficit with quantified diet, adequate hydration and strength training. Sneha got those basics right.

Motivation can get you started, Discipline is what makes it stay.

 Sneha was, rather is, discipline personified. For her, her mentor’s words were set in stone. She followed her mentor to the T, and the results were there to see. That doubled her faith and she tweaked her lifestyle to accommodate whatever she learned on this journey .




Even today, her day starts with a litre of water, ACV, and bulletproof coffee to provide a boost to her metabolism. Along the way, she realized that water is the elixir of life, and hydration the biggest health fix!

Want to know how her diet looks like?

Proteins with green veggies for breakfast, proteins for lunch, and carbs and proteins for dinner with a vegetable of her choice. Simple and power-packed!


Make a diet, stick to it

The fact that Sneha made her diet palate-friendly and catering to her food requirements is what made her stick to the diet easily. In her 6 months of transformation, she tried a host of different diets, but what ultimately stuck was the one that was most sustainable for her. Her mantra to success was following her diet diligently. As Sneha says, “I never exceeded my macros and always kept a point to stick to it no matter what.” She was smart enough to not compromise on her diet while travelling and made food choices well within her macros.


Workout and Willpower


“Will power is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.”

While diet needed some adjustments and smart thinking on her behalf, Sneha strength trained and lifted weights like a pro, as if she was born to do so. She lifted heavy and squatted low. While the rest of the world declared leg day as a ‘quad-pocalypse’ day, Sneha revelled in it and while the rest of the women lifters lamented over reducing breast sizes, she trained her chest muscles really hard. Hard work, dedication and patience were the cornerstone of her success at the gym. With her immense willpower and her badass attitude, Sneha broke the myth that it is difficult to lose the mummy tummy after caesarean section. She is now on her way to develop 6 pack abs.


First they mock you, then they follow you.


Family, friends and the so-called well-wishers are usually the ones who, out of some misguided sense of concern, raise maximum doubts. But, Sneha had mastered the art of saying NO. That is what paved the path ahead for her. Now, they turn to her for guidance. And with her ‘pay it forward’ mindset, she is now helping everyone and spreading awareness about health and fitness.


With her eat clean, train dirty approach, Sneha teaches us that to succeed all we need to do is follow the basics with grit and have the determination to succeed. Faith, can indeed ,move mountains and help one achieve what he/she thought was out of reach. Today, she proudly proclaims that “I am a super proud mum and A Mum Who Lifts.” Every day, she is a step ahead on her journey to ultimate fitness.

We, at FITMAG, wish her the very best in crushing doubts and stereotypes, and achieving higher targets in the world of health and fitness. You go girl!



-The Fitmag Team