The Top Anti-Ageing Foods And Where To Find Them!

Who wouldn’t want to stay young forever?

If I told you that by drinking a certain elixir of life you can have eternal youth (no paunch, no wrinkles, no gouty joints, and the unalloyed energy of youth FOR EVER!),tell me honestly, would you not drink it without a moment’s hesitation?


OK, now imagine I gave you some honey and water with some miracle ‘detox’ super-bogus-but-sounds-so-amazing stuff in it, called it ‘the drink of the Gods,’ packed it in a curvy transparent bottle and got a beauty or hunk to wave it under your nose and tell you it was the secret to their strength and vitality, would it not catch your eye?

The truth is, it would. We all have been fascinated (and conned) by such stuff, at some point of time or the other. The finger doesn’t point at you alone, it points at the entire cumulative history of human effort, whose one undying quest has been to discover the secret to everlasting life and eternal youth. Even the standard bearers of science haven’t been able to resist the lure of this quest.

But to cut to the chase, is there a magic food or set of foods that actually stall or reverse ageing? And the answer is NO.

But YES, there is a totally non-magical list of things you can do every day that will ensure that age does not weather your strength or vitality more than it should. Want to know what? Read on.

Let’s start with a reality check.

Yes, every human body, ages. And no, there’s no other way around it. As long as your metabolism thrives, you will age. So banish the thought that ageing can be stalled at all.But what you CAN do is to control how rapidly you let age related degeneration take place.

Let’s say you are going from Point A in your life (let’s assume that’s the day you are born) to your last day at Point B. The question is, how do you want to define the quality of your journey from Point A to Point B?Would you like to travel in an ordinary car or a Ferrari? Would you like to keep your body in top shape till the end of your days or would you want it riddled with lifestyle related diseases like high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, etc.?

So the NO is to a list of anti-ageing super foods.

The YES is to the things you can do to turn your ordinary car into a glitzy Ferrari that you can flaunt till the very end. Here’s where the real magic lies:

The Protein miracle!
Really, protein IS magic food. See for yourself:

  • Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles and tissues. So you can actually stop airbrushing to get that toned look.
  • Protein has the highest T.E.F (Thermic Effect of Food is the amount of energy your body will use to metabolize and store a certain food), so that’s one up to your metabolism!
  • It has a high satiety index – eating protein will make you feel fuller and curb your cravings when you really don’t need them to codswallop you…for e.g., when you are on a strict diet and workout regime.
  • Lean sources of protein like Eggs, Chicken, Fish are an excellent choice to include in your daily macros. If you are a vegetarian , you can opt for paneer, tofu, soya , etc.
  • If you are finding it difficult to complete all your protein macros through whole foods alone, try supplementing your diet with a good whey protein.


The Green voodoo.

Fruits and green vegetables are packed with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. And hope you didn’t have doubts why you’d need those… but just in case:

  • Vitamins are crucial for your body’s cognitive functioning.
  • Antioxidants prevent the free radicals from wrecking havoc on your cells. So you’re preserving vitality at a cellular level.
  • If in case you are on a special diet and not eating fruits, you can supplement your diet with a good multivitamin and other water soluble vitamins like vitamin C.
  • Apart from the above, fruits and greens also are an excellent source of dietary fiber which adds volume to your stools. Good Mornings to you!

The Fat magic!

Eating fat will make you fat? The answer is NO. You actually need fat to stay happy and healthy and looking young.

  • Fats are crucial to the smooth functioning of our endocrine system, basically, regulating all those crazy hormones in your body. That’s one system you don’t want to mess around with!
  • You might have heard of several crash diets which do away with fats altogether. Trust me, this is the most excellent way to mess with your hormonal functions.
  • Each gram of fat contains 9 calories. Incorporate healthy saturated fats like butter, cream, cheese etc. in your diet (within your macros), and you will NOT put on any weight.
  • And anyway, adding some cheese to your eggs will just make them tastier!


SUGAR, spice and everything NOT nice!

  • Really, sugars are just empty calories. They have no nutritional value when compared to the other macronutrients in your diet.
  • And they make things like cheating on your diet, and bingeing super easy and fun to do. When you are not eating sweets, the blood sugar level tends to drop and you start craving for sweets. You become a mood eater.
  • The way to kick sugar cravings is to eat whole protein, and drink lots of water!

The Elixir of Water!

If there was ever a magic potion for longevity and youth, it’s just plain water.

  • The human body is comprised mostly of water.
  • Drinking it to optimum levels and staying hydrated will ensure a healthy metabolism, smooth digestion, fault free skin, flushing out toxins, renewal of your tissues, and so many other many benefits. And all of these keep you healthier, stronger, and more supple for longer!
  • Now let’s take the latest fad – Detox water. Who are we kidding? Re-read the second para of this article and wake up. Pure and plain drinking water is all that you need to preserve your youthfulness and energy the right way.

The Hocus-pocus of exercise!

Yes, one of the golden rules of having an excellent physical condition is being active.

  • The more you exercise, the more calories you burn, the better your metabolism is, and the more fat your body uses up.
  • The more you exercise, you also sweat and flush out toxins from your skin.
  • The more you exercise, the more you feel the need to stay hydrated, and you know what that does. See above.
  • Resistance training in the gym will make your muscles stronger, and make your body look toned. No time for gym? Too much travel? Get some resistance bands, and start inside your home or hotel room.
  • Floor and free weight exercises are also a good way to work on your muscles. For example, free weight squats, planks, burpees, etc.
  • You can include yoga as well. It will keep the body and mind fit and flexible.The final spell – Sleep!

    Believe me, this is one of the most important things you need in your life if you want to maintain your youth.

  • Sleep contributes to 70-75 % of your total metabolism, which we also call as the R.M.R(Rested metabolic state).
  • Your body’s repair work will happen mostly in this rested window. So more sleep to ward off degeneration!
  • If you sleep enough, you will stay away from unnecessary mood swings, crankiness, indigestion, hyperacidity, dark circles, puffy face, water retention, lethargy, and basically everything toxic.
  • Sleep is meditation.

So now that we feel wiser, tell me where to find the best possible superfoods, elixirs, and spells for staying young forever?

You got it right – Exercise. Eat a bellyful of health. Rest well. Stay happy. And drive your Ferrari on Nitro till the very end! All the very best 😊


Author credits – Vedang Deshmukh

Vedang Deshmukh

Vedang Deshmukh

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