Transformation journey from a food addict to a fitness freak!

Ipsha Barooah – Woman, Rapper, and Weight Training junkie.


In a world full of stereotypes who prefer to walk the beaten career paths, Ipsha became a Rapper.

But where her creativity took her to great heights, her fatal flaw became her fixation with food! Ipsha was a die hard food-junkie. Here’s what she has to say about her addiction to eating:

There was just one thing that inspired me to wake up each day – Food in abundance. Eating unrestrained gave me solace. There were moments when I went beyond my limits. Guzzling alcohol during parties was something I was good at. If sweets were within my reach, consider them inside my system in the blink of an eye.”

For someone like this, and with a 9-5 job that channelled all her creative energies, putting on weight was only a matter of time. Still, with the enthusiasm that the 20s brings, she kept pushing fitness considerations to a later age, perhaps after she would hit 30.

But Ipsha’s arena was showbiz. She needed to make her presence felt on stage, where all eyes were on her, and where appearance mattered big time! It was time for change.

The Fitness Journey

Ipsha’s fitness journey proper began with enrolling under her mentor (and hitherto good friend) Matin Shaikh in May 2017. She weighed close to 70 kgs.


Ezra Sahu (who’s another SQUATS consultant) and Boris Dhas trained her in the gym. With their help, she discovered the love for weight training. Training day in and day out despite her work schedules, she found that Fitness was a much more powerful intoxicant than alcohol or food!

Ipsha followed ‘periodization’ in her workout, and aimed at working out each body part twice a week. As for diet, she adopted quantified nutrition, but being someone who was constantly on the go, she stuck to eating clean and in moderation, whenever she wasn’t able to measure out her macros to the ‘T’.

At the end of 3 months, she weighed 61 kgs. A full 9 kgs off the scale!

The Result of Commitment

Results were hands-on. Her sugar cravings came down to nil – no more did she reach out for the proffered sweets and chocolates and sugary drinks. Her refrigerator, which was bursting at its seams until now, now housed healthy, nutritive food items. And she learned that she did not need alcohol to be on her highest high in life!

Today, she has dropped a massive 5 inches (anyone who’s into fitness knows how HARD it is to drop 5 inches!), built a toned and strong physique that women dream of, and transformed into the best version of herself yet. Check out her pics


The Art of Maintenance

And here’s one for all those who ask how to maintain that transformation Ipsha has been maintaining the focus on diet and workout for over 6 months now. And it isn’t a mountain to climb anymore, it becomes second nature. The solution lies in Faith and Determination.

Eat well, but eat to keep your body and mind healthy and beautiful. Eat to live an amazing life. And life will be amazing. That would sum up Ipsha’s amazing Fitness and Food Journey so far.

Fitmag congratulates Ipsha Barooah on her transformation, and wishes her all the very best for the future! Keep rapping!


The Fitmag Team