Transformation Story – Debarchana Halder

“Fat-a-Morphosis” – The Journey from 125 kgs to 74 kgs

How powerful is negativity?

Debarchana, due to her large size and heavy weight, was on a trip of constantly worsening depression. And it was not any ordinary depression. Whatever the reasons that had brought her to this place in the first place, she was now there, bearing the staggering weight both in her body and on her mind. She battled insecurities within, along with the stigmas attached to her body image in the world she moved in. In a society where even merit is oft-times judged by appearance, the going had gotten so tough for Debarchana, it was well near impossible to go on. She started losing interest in life altogether. Such, was the power of the negativity that her body weight brought along. Looking back, she remembers how it felt –

“I cocooned myself in my world of unhappiness, irritation and depression. I stopped talking to my old friends, relatives and colleagues as every time I spoke with them, they just reminded me about my ever increasing body fat. Everyday someone or the other suggested me different ways to lose weight. My body had become a burden to my own mind.”

With reducing interest in socializing or doing things that she previously fancied, she started isolating herself from people.


In Feburary 2017, her previously chubby younger brother visited home. Now looking sharp and fit, he had lost a massive 25 kgs through structured diet and weight training. He had found the confidence that she so badly desired to build in herself. But when he told her it was possible for her to do it too, it seemed too fantastic a thought – like a fairy tale. And fairy tales, Debarchana knew, didn’t really exist.

Or did they?

Making a Wish

The secret wish of every chubby or overweight person is to wake up and find themselves transformed, just like Cinderella or the Ugly Duckling. Though she too dreamed of it every passing moment, Debarchana couldn’t get herself to think that she could become fit, like her brother had done. In March 2017, even after being introduced to SQUATS by him, she still toggled with doubts, insecurities and apprehensions. The biggest of those was her fear of failure. What if she couldn’t carry through till the end? What if it didn’t make any difference? What if it was too hard for her to follow? What if.

The answer to all these terrors that plagued came from her brother, her inspiration. He brushed aside every single doubt in her mind and told her to enroll. “You have nothing to lose.”

Finally enrolling under Dev Biswas, whom she fondly calls Her ‘Guru-Dev‘, on April 2017 she embarked on her eventful journey that would result in an incredible transformation in the months to come.

The Transformation Process

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

This is what Debarchana’s mentor Dev told her at the very beginning. There was going to be a gigantic mountain to climb, and for Debarchana, a working professional and mother to an infant, it was a daunting and breathless task.

“But I was determined that I WILL DO IT,” she says now. She swam, worked out at the gym every day, followed every little diet details to the ‘T’, and kept her focus from straying. And all the motivation she ever needed came from her mentor, and from her ever-supportive husband, son, mother, and brother.

The Happily Ever After

By July 2017, this working mum had lost 40kgs and was on a winning streak. Fitting into her college jeans, and her honeymoon gowns – things that had seemed impossible at one time – it gave her the most incredible happiness that she had experienced. In her own words, she felt on ‘Cloud 9!’


But that wasn’t the end of it all – she went on to lose a further 11 kgs by November 2017, ending her year with a stupendous 74 kg weight, a total loss of over 50 kgs in 9-odd months. It was a truly glorious year for Debarchana and her mentor Dev.

Today she is not only body confident, but totally transformed in all aspects. Take a look at her metamorphosis – something that she would prefer to term as a “Fat-A-Morphosis”.

From the entire Fitmag Team, a giant Congratulations Debarchana Halder. You’ve made your fairy tale come true!!


– The Fitmag Team