Losing 34 kgs cured her PCOD and made her confident, ravishingly beautiful and unbeatably FIT – Exclusive transformation story of Komal Priyani

Impossible? Well, read for yourself how she did it ~

In today’s world, ‘following a healthy lifestyle’ ends up raising more eyebrows than not! That is because, ironically, being fit and healthy is most often associated with fads and distorted concepts like “shedding certain amount of kilos,” eating salads, smoothie diets, and generally starving yourself thin.

For Komal too, her fitness journey had a fitful start. Here’s how she was in early 2016 –

She started out as many teenage girls do these days, with a predominantly lifestyle induced condition of PCOD. This made her gain weight. To add to her complications, in 2012 she developed a herniated disc. A condition that would resign her to the bed for almost 2 years.

With a weight as high as 95 kgs, it was no surprise that Komal was demotivated towards life.

Change starts with wanting it

Help came in the form of her brother who took it upon himself to push her out of the pit of despair. With his encouragement, Komal set herself some fitness goals and pushed herself out of her comfort zone. She says she can still remember the initial fear of the treadmill breaking under her weight on her first day at the gym! But her initial efforts were rather misguided, and she concentrated only on cardio for fat loss, not bothering to train her muscles.

All that changed in August 2016, when S.Q.U.A.T.S. happened in Komal’s life. Like for thousands of others, S.Q.U.A.T.S. was a revelation and a huge reality check. It not only opened her eyes to possibilities, it showed her the right approach to fitness and eating right, and corrected all those misconceptions and fads that had been the highlight of her journey so far.

Teaching herself the basics with ‘Get Shredded,’ Komal proceeded to understand all the concepts and use S.Q.U.A.T.S. to further her knowledge and create her own diet chart, based on her body statistics, her food preferences, and her approach to life in general. She took to weight training instead of obsessing on cardio. And she put in her gym hours day after day after day, while keeping her eye on her diet charts for every single meal

Dedication pays

​Komal’s dedication did pay off. By May 2017 and by dint of her own efforts, this 95 kg girl was 34 kgs lighter, standing proud and fit at 61 kgs!

“Not only did I lose fat, but with it I gained so much of confidence.”

Like a butterfly that emerges out of a cocoon, Komal’s transformation was not only just external. She was a totally different person inside. Where once she had been desperate and dejected, her confidence now bubbles over. From tossing around battling sleeplessness, she now wakes up at 3 am to do her meal prep and then hit the gym early in the morning. From battling PCOD and getting bogged down by the weight gain it caused, she has overcome those fears and stigmas associated with the medical condition, and today, she controls her life and how she feels and looks! It is altogether a new person living a new life!

Today, no one recognizes her anymore as the chubby and obese girl of early 2016. Not her cousins, not her old school friends, and certainly not the passport office!


Make Every Step Count

“I am so happy that I took my health seriously before it was too late,” says Komal.

Truth to be said, it is never too late, but only if you take that first step to turn things around. The first step need not be a huge leap. Every small step counts, like just deciding to cut your sugar, or increasing your water intake to double, and clocking 2000 extra steps every week on the pedometer. Like saying no to the weekend pizza and swapping those sugary soft drinks for some low-sugar nimbu paani. Every small step takes you one step ahead on your journey of change.

So don’t wait for the time to be right. Get up, shake off that dejection, and take your first step now. That is Komal’s message for everyone here!

From everyone at Fitmag, a huge congratulations to Komal Priyani for her tremendous achievement! Keep grinding, and keep inspiring others.


Author credits – Team Fitmag