Video – Roadies winner Shweta Mehta’s secret to success!

Shweta Mehta, whose daunting journey from a desk job to winning the most popular reality show MTV Roadies Rising
has been inspiring millions of people across the nation.

We talked to Shweta Mehta at BodyPower Expo 2018 and she shared the greatest tip for anyone to succeed in life.

She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. She was doubted at every step, faced resistance from people around her but none of it
stopped her. Her dedication and consistency paid off when she represented India at the Asian Championship
as a bikini fitness athlete. A stepping stone that helped her move on to reality shows.

“This win isn’t just a story of few months in Roadies for me. This story is 3 years long. Not many
people know this but I was rejected 2 times and was finally selected when I tried for the 3rd time. I
had to do this, not just to prove it to the world, but also to prove it to myself. I was already a bikini
athlete and a winner in many physique shows. But winning MTV Roadies definitely gave me the
boost I needed, not just in terms of opportunities but also to reach higher goals for myself.”

In this video she reveals her secret to success success, contentment and fame that has helped her become what she is today and wants you to implement the same in your life.

(We covered her story in detail in the March issue of Fitmag Magazine.
You can download it for free here – )