6 Ways to enjoy the weekend without guilt

Happy hours on Friday, dining out on Saturday and a home party on Sunday!!!

Weekends can turn into a calorie-fest that ruins all the dieting and training efforts you put in throughout the week.

Most people have a weight rotation that involves shedding a bit on weekdays and gaining it back over the weekend, according to a research conducted by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

Here are few ways by which you can avoid Weekend Trap:

  • Make a Plan before going out

On weekends,Usually People do more socializing. For someone with a weight loss goal, that is very risky. As per research, we have a tendency to eat like the people who are eating with you. If your friends eat a lot – they order unlimited appetizers, bread baskets, and alcohol – then you may too. One way to enforce self-control is to mentally decide on your food before you enter a restaurant. Most restaurants list their menus online, so you can make healthy choices in advance. 

  • Store Healthy Snacks in Your Fridge before the weekend starts

Take some time out on Friday to prepare some healthy and easy-to-grab snacks like cut fruits, salads, paneer, and chicken starters. This reduces your tendency to munch on unhealthy snacks like chips, and instead, you are more likely to go for a healthier alternatives which are readily available in your pantry or fridge.

  • Eat Slowly

It takes 15-20 minutes for your brain to signal that you are full. So eating slowly prevents you from overeating. Remember to slow down, whether you are going out for the weekend or attending a party.

  • Start off with a soup

Order a soup first and take your time in ordering the main course. Having soup at the outset will give you a sense of fullness, so you are more likely to eat fewer calories in your main meal.

  • Go easy on alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks can be a diet bomb.  You are taking in empty calories and your appetite might increase as a consequence, leading you to overeat.

Ideally you would skip the idea of alcohol altogether, but one way to cut down on your consumption is to alternate between sparkling water and alcoholic beverage. The water will offset the dehydration effect of alcohol as well as decrease the overall alcohol consumption.

  • Cut down on Soda

Use water to satisfy your thirst instead of soda, which people drink more often on weekends. Not only does consuming soda provide you with tremendous amount of calories but it also stimulates the appetite due to high concentration of fructose.

For most people, weekend is a time to take a break from the systematic way of eating during the week. But thinking that healthy eating is something you can switch ‘on’ during the weekdays and ‘off’ on weekends, is a sure recipe for weight gain! So plan well and avoid the long arms of temptation. Remember that you’re stronger than your weaknesses.

“Remember that weekends count!”