Weekly Yoga Series – ‘Bakasana'( The crow pose)

Bakasana or Crow Pose

Bakasana is an arm balancing asana in which hands are planted firmly on the floor, shins are placed upon upper arm and feet are lifted up. This asana is also known as ‘kakasana’.

Asana for beginners before you practice this: Baddha konasana, Balasana, Phalakasana.


  • Begin this asana by attaining the mountain pose and legs placed close to each other. Place your hands firmly on the floor, shoulder length apart.
  • Now, lift your hips and ensure your core is engaged. Bring your knees close to your upper triceps. Bend your elbow and place your knees firmly in the space.
  • Look forward and gently lift the feet off the floor. Shift the body weight to your arms.
  • Straighten your arms getting more strength and more height to the pose.
  • Hold the pose for few seconds and slowly release.


  • Avoid the asana if you have a wrist injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Avoid the pose if you are pregnant.
  • Asana should also be avoided during periods.


  • It makes your arms and wrist strong.
  • Asana improves your sense of balance and focus.
  • It makes the inner thigh strong
  • Abdomen region is toned and also a good aid to better digestive health.