Whey Choco Tower!


For Base :-

Whey protein(chocolate flavor)- 1.5 scoop, Almond flour- of 12 almonds(as per macros), Cocoa powder- 1 teaspoon(optional)
Coffee powder-1.5 teaspoon(classic), Husk-2 teaspoon, Cream- 2 teaspoon, Egg- 2 whole, Coconut milk- 2 teaspoon
Chocolate essence- few drops, Baking powder- 2 pinch, Stevia-40 mg

For Frosting or icing :-

Cream – 2 teaspoon, Whey protein(vanilla flavor)- 1/4 scoop, Unsalted butter- 1 teaspoon, Stevia- 20 mg
Chopped almonds- 5, Few more almonds (As per your macros for garnishing), Coffee powder- 1 teaspoon


Recipe :-

Base :-

  • In a bowl , take 2 eggs, whisk it properly, now add whey protein to it and blend it with a hand blender , till it becomes super smooth (no lumps).
  • Now add , almond flour stevia and cream to make it thick , also add cocoa powder, coffee powder, and coconut milk , so that it becomes workable spread.
  • Now add husk and baking powder to it and mix it properly. Add chocolate essence .
  • Spread this gooey batter onto a baking tray after greasing the tray with butter and place it in a microwave.
  • Bake it for 20 minutes at 200 degrees .
  • The procedure will yield a whey chocolate flavored base, let it cool down .
  • And now cut small circles from the whey chocolate flavor base using knife (I used katori).


Frosting :-

  • So, now the whey-chocolate base are ready.
  • Thereby crumble the rest of the base in a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of coffee powder to it or you can add cocoa powder also. Add finely chopped almonds, little cream and mix it up.
  • In another bowl , take 1 teaspoon cream, 1 teaspoon cream cheese(optional), vanilla whey, stevia (20 mg will work , as the base already  got stevia and whey is sweet too), 1 teaspoon unsalted butter and mix it properly. The frosting spread is ready.
  • Now spread the cream cheese mixture onto the ready whey chocolate bases and put the crumbled base-almond mixture on top of it.
  • Stack them up, by placing one over the other. On the top you can add more crumbled mixture and garnish it with almonds and cream.



Protein : 70.02 gms
Fats : 25.1 gms
Carbs : 18.7 gms

Calories : 581


~Swati Chawla