Wife, Mother…AND Powerlifting Champion: Meet SQUATS Superwoman Namrata Rai!

“If at first you don’t succeed, try try again” – Frederick Maryat

SQUATS has helped craft several transformation stories and this week’s story is certainly one of the best of them all!

As a young girl, Namrata Rai had two loves: junk food and exercise. She’d stuff herself silly with samosas and dosas and then, she’d jump rope to burn off the calories. This way, she got to have her cake and eat it too – sometimes, quite literally!

But as a married woman and mother who also worked full-time, she was no longer able to exercise and soon, she found herself completely out of shape.

Things came to a head after her second c-section. Already overweight at 75 kgs, Namrata put on an additional 25 kgs!

Determined to get back in shape, she did what so many other people before her have done – endless hours of cardio and a starvation diet. And she got the expected results – muscle loss and a lack of energy.

But soon after, she was hit by the double whammy of an injury at the gym followed by a medical emergency. Forced to take time out to recuperate, she regained all the weight she had lost and then some!

But not one to let circumstances get the better of her, Namrata decided to take charge of her life and health. That’s when she took two decisions that would change her life: she enrolled under Matin Shaikh and she also started educating herself on fitness and nutrition by enrolling for the INFS course.

The results are there for all to see: the once obese Namrata has not only shed oodles of weight (Current Weight: 58 kgs) but also become an INFS scholar and Qualified Nutrition Expert in her own right!

And just this week, she added yet another feather to her cap: Namrata is the newly crowned Powerlifting Champion in her category at the Auckland Special Olympics where she deadlifted 107.5 kgs!

This isn’t the end of the road for Namrata, not by a long shot! She has just opened her own gym studio exclusively for women. She also takes strength training workshops at a Senior Retirement Village and helps them with their nutrition. In addition, she is studying the Exercise Science Specialist (ESS) course and in the future, plans to open a mobile gym so that she can take fitness and health to many more women and mothers like herself.

A born fighter and a truly inspiring woman – that’s Namrata Rai for you!