Yoga for hip flexibility – Baddha Konasana ( Bound angle pose)

Among much different yoga poses one of the easily achieved poses is bound angle pose. This asana is also known as the cobbler pose. This pose is easy to do and suitable for every body type. During this pose, when the knees are lifted up it is termed as butterfly pose. Baddha Konasana is the best variation of the butterfly pose.

Let’s see how to practice this pose.


  • Sit in the ‘Dandasana’ (Staff Pose).
  • Now bend your knees and join the soles of your both feet.
  • Now hold your feet.
  • Try to move your heels toward the groin as much as possible.

  • Next step is to move the knees like the wings of the butterfly for 30 seconds.

  • Then hold the Pose for to 2 minutes.
  • Return to ‘Dandasana'(Staff Pose) and relax.


  1. It stretches the groin and the inner thighs which helps in performing splits.
  2. Increases the flexibility of knees, ankles, feet, and hips.
  3. Best prenatal exercise.
  4. Relieves the pre-menstrual stress (PMS).


Avoid this asana if you’ve got injury within the hips, groin or knee region. Use the wall for supporting the back if you are suffering from back problems.

Take away – Yoga is all about getting rid of the negative and embracing the positive. So let go of anything that no longer serves you.


Author: Dr. Prajakta Jawalkar