Yoga For Hip Flexibility – Rajakapotasana

Welcome to yet another pose in “Yoga For Hip Flexibility”.

Today’s pose is a very elegant looking pose called Rajakapotasana or the King Pigeon pose.

In this asana, we thrust the chest towards the ceiling which is reminiscent of a pigeon puffing up its chest. This is an intermediate level pose but with practice, one can become an adept.


  • Sit in Danasana
  • Fold your right leg and take your left leg back
  • Lift your left leg up and hold it with your right hand
  • Keep breathing normally
  • Do not flex the spine too much
  • Hold the pose for as long as you can
  • Now release the pose and relax.


  1. This pose opens up your hips and makes them more flexible
  2. The profound stretch calms the body and rids it of anxiety and tension
  3. Stretches your entire lower and upper body


  1. Practice this pose under the supervision of an expert yoga trainer because it is an intermediate to advanced pose. One wrong stretch could cause sprain or spasm in the muscle. If you are a beginner then attempt this pose after about one or two months of regular Yoga practice
  2. In case of ankle, sacroiliac, or knee injury, avoid this asana
  3. Pregnant women should also avoid doing this asana


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Author: Dr. Prajakta Jawalkar

(This is part of the “Yoga with Dr. Prajakta” series).