Zumba – Putting the Fun back in Fitness!

A few weeks back, we had published an article on the ‘Zumba hype,’ where we brought out the positives of combining strength training with your zumba or cardio routine, because dancing, running, and sweating buckets alone doesn’t guarantee sustained fat loss! (Check out the article here at “The Aerobic Fever“) That being said, there is no denying the tremendous high that cardiovascular activities bring to our plate, and when the cardio is in the form of fun, then why not! That is precisely the role of Zumba – combining high-energy cardiovascular output with a whole load of fun and zing. Here’s an article on how much fun Zumba can bring into your life –

How many of us go to bed with motivation and become a totally different person when the alarm goes off the next morning? I’m sure stepping on your elliptical machines and having the most boring walks on the treadmill are not everyone’s favorite choice. Imagine getting fitter by just dancing to the most contagious beats and letting yourself loose, feeling the free flow of energy and enthusiasm as you groove to your favorite dance tracks! Now stop imagining, because it’s here and its name is Zumba. It is a Latin inspired American dance which is becoming popular all over the globe. And the best thing is that Zumba is a cardio workout in disguise. The popularity is self-explanatory since who wouldn’t like to look and feel awesome just by dancing?

Here are some good reasons to make room for Zumba in your schedule:

1) Works out the entire body: You don’t have to focus on every single part like we do in the gym, it automatically gets done. We feel sore in the parts that we didn’t even know existed. But hey, if it ain’t sore, you aren’t doing it right.

2) Boosts Confidence: With Zumba, you’re going to get a better posture, better co-ordination and you’re not gonna be a shy dancer anymore, because you know the moves and you’ve been doing it every single day.

3) Leaves you in a better mood and relaxed: The upbeat tunes and moves favor the release of mood improving Endorphins and there is a scientifically proved research that shows that Zumba helps with depression. It is the perfect workout to melt away your stress, and no matter how many things you have on your plate and how stressed you are, you will always walk out relaxed after a good Zumba session, as if you can handle anything that life throws at you.

4) Gets you hooked on exercising: No one gets excited about something that’s hard. But an exercise routine as entertaining as this, will always keep you looking forward to the next session. 

5) It’s cordial: There is not going to be a fight for machines like it happens when you buddy up in the gym. When it comes to Zumba, the more the merrier. You can bring along your friends and family, from 6 year olds to 60 year olds! How fun is it when you get to hang around with your friends, dance, give a few hoots and still get benefited in many ways?

Workout doesn’t have to be a word we hate or some chore that we struggle to do every day and get it over with. If you’ve ever been to a Zumba class before, I’m sure when the beats went up you felt just like you were in a night club. If you haven’t been to one, what’s stopping you? For you don’t know how wonderful something is, unless you’ve really tried it.

So, go ahead and get your grooves on, because people, getting fit has become fun now!


Article Credits – Nevedha Kannan (Guest)